That’s it, the finalists are up (if you’re still in the dark you can find the finalists here.)

We also wanted to make it clear how we scored every blogger at this point in the competition. As you already know, we took a combination of the number of votes a blogger received and then our judges scored each blog on a set of 3 areas. Remember – for this number of bloggers (there are literally thousands) – we wanted the blogs to be scored on a preliminary range of topics. The FINAL round of judging would enable our judges to really dive deep into each blog and score across our 5 main criteria. For this round, we have identified 3 key criteria that our judges scored each blog on (and some questions we asked each judge to consider.)

  1. Criteria 1 – We’re looking at ‘first impressions’ of a blog. What dis the judge think the MINUTE they land on a bloggers’ page. 

* Aesthetically what is the judges’ impression? Does the blog have a clear

* Is the layout clear and simple? Is it easy to figure out where to go on the site? 

2. Criteria 2 – This is all about content – our judges read the bloggers’ latest 3 blogs on their site. What’s the content like? 

* Are all 3 blogs uniform in their writing? Is there a clear writing style? 

* Are there any clear errors? Is the actual language used correct and

3. Criteria 3 – This is all about the relevancy to the category a blogger is in. If a blogger is calling themselves a culinary blogger then does their content really feature this topic? 

* The judges looked at the last 3 blogs, to see if there was a link between
them and the category they’re in? 

* If the judges looked at the bloggers’ site and looked at any images is it
clear that their blog is a ‘category x’ blog.

We implemented this new style at this point in the competition because we just didn’t want this round to become a popularity contest. Also, we wanted our judges to really understand who they were evaluating. How this whole process worked and for them to be involved from the beginning.


  1. Thanks for publishing the judges criteria! It’s great to see how the blogs are judged!

    Is there any way to find out the scores or judges opinion on your blog? Just so we can identify any areas of improvement!

    • UK Blog Awards

      Hi Hannah, absolutely! If you DM us on Twitter we will be able to get the judges feedback for you. Make sure you let us know your blog name and your email address (and your category!) Thanks

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