Going away to university is a big enough change on its own. Leaving home for the first time to embark on the journey to your degree. Once you get there though, you find out that your degree won’t be enough and that it’s time to find some work experience. I became the editor of Student Wire at the end of first year and have been doing it for almost a year now whilst studying at university. Writing on a weekly basis, juggling all of the social media that entails and rallying a group of student writers.

As the internet generation of students that spend more time on our laptops than anything else, blogging was just the ticket to get noticed. Surprisingly studying for a degree and everything that it entails provides you with some pretty funny stuff to ramble on about. Finding the funny side to something and jotting it down for a blog post at some point in the near future, seeing the struggle of various university goings-on and reminding myself to write about it. It’s pretty easy to get caught up in the university lifestyle and forget the reason you’re actually there… for the degree.

For me,  was the perfect kind of experience. Writing, which is something I love and university, something I live. It has pretty much become an integrated part of my day now, getting up on a Monday and making sure all my posts are ready to go out across the site, Facebook and . Responding to emails with writers and other people, taking pictures of things when I’m out and about that would make for a great post.

Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t an easy process especially when your uni house are having a lie in and you have to be up to get yourself organised. Even harder still is staying dedicated when you have exams and deadlines weighing you down. Uni work can be daunting enough, staying organised and then add blogging on top of that. It’s definitely rewarding though, seeing something you’ve written creep up in views and likes and what not. Whether you can call it journalism or simply blogging, Student Wire has opened up new passions that I didn’t even know that I had.

So how do I stay motivated?
1. Inspire yourself, go out and do something new, visit somewhere you’ve never been. Once you have seen something that inspires you, it makes for a great post.
2. Don’t view it as work you have to do… similarly to university assignments, it’s very easy to let blogging fall into a work category. Just remind yourself that you started your blog because you enjoy it, not because you had to, make sure it remains something to be proud of.
3. If you’re suffering from writers block, simply browse through the latest news and trends. There’s bound to be something that peaks your interest whether it’s for good or bad.
4. Set time aside each week. Whether it’s a lazy Sunday morning spent in bed or an evening after work, get yourself organised for the week, decide when you’re going to write and what you’re going to write about. If you’re lucky and have plenty of ideas, you could even get a few posts drafted up in one sitting!
5. My final top tip is just enjoy it. In the online era we have more opportunities than ever before, take advantage of your blogging and connect with likeminded people across the world, review products that you’re really interested in and provide that bit of weekly entertainment for your readers.
It’s very easy to get whisked away with uni, the lifestyle, too many nights out and the lazy mentality but blogging has kept me grounded. It provides structure to my short uni weeks and when I start to get whisked away – the hangover provides an amusing article topic.

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