, a U.S. based digital invitation and event management firm, specializes in digital stationery that emulates the experience of a physical invitation. They have been a part of over 100,000 events, constantly receiving feedback through live customer service and personal event consultants, making them tried and true experts in the invitation and correspondence world. Their tech combines the beauty of a couture dress with the functionality of a personal event planner to bring companies, party hosts, and brides the best event planning experience possible.

More recently, Greenvelope designed the fab #UKBA15 e-invitation that was sent directly to the shortlisted candidates! You can view the design here: 

These are their top seven tips and tricks for creating engaging invitations that are posh and stylish!

1. Search for Color Inspiration
These days there are so many color-centric inspiration boards available at the tip of your fingertips that deciding on colors schemes can be a creative process. Not only can you look at digital swatches side by side, but you can also use social media tools like Pinterest to look at real life photos of events, designs or apparel in line with what hues you are considering. Using these tools can help inspire your invitation, party, or event!

2. Get Attention with the Invite, Let Details be Details
When speaking with newly engaged couples, marketing directors or event planners, the first thing we often advise on is to decide on a theme and let the invitation follow suite. The invitation is your guests’ first peek at the event style. Along with providing crucial information about the party, the invitation can communicate the tone and formality! This is also your chance to incorporate your color scheme and theme.

3. Play with Typeface and Pairings
The beauty and complexity of fonts, combined with the fact that there are so many available to choose from can be a bit overwhelming when creating an invitation. The best graphic designs we have seen at Greenvelope mix and match fonts to create a compelling image. Just as vino complements your favorite dish, the right fonts can make for interesting pairings as well. One of our favorites is a Save the Date by designer Petra Kern, which perfectly pairs the script type Bombshell Pro with the serif font Mrs Eaves Petit Caps. Adorable and dynamic!

4. Use Words that are Fun, Valuable, or Both
Fact: some words are just more fun than others. “Disseminate” = not fun. Please, please, please… do not put the phrase “disseminate information” on the front of your invitations. No one cool is coming to that party. Even the most mundane of events can be jazzed up with a little creativity and by answering a simple question: what value am I offering? Perhaps you actually are disseminating information at a conference, but that isn’t valuable in and of itself. Will attendees learn something new, be inspired, meet someone famous? Identify the value for guests, write it down, and add a little flare!

5. Create Clear Expectations
Nothing is a more certain deterrent to guest’s attending events than unclear expectations. That ranges from the big omissions (“When is it? Where is it?”) to things that you maybe wouldn’t think about (“What should I wear? Do I need to RSVP? Can I bring a +1? Is there food, or should I eat first?”) Utilize the details page to set clear guidelines of what guests can expect. No dress code? Then say so! Include a Google map to make sure guests know where to go, tell people whether or not they are expected to bring gifts (or make it even easier by integrating a gift registry), include a menu if one is available! When it comes to party details, less is not more: more is more.

6. Serving Booze? Tell Everyone! Like, Right Now!
The saying “save the best for last” does not apply when it comes to invitations. Lead with the biggest, best, most awesome thing you have to offer. Which, let’s be honest, a lot of the time comes in a pint or martini glass. Whether you announce it in the subject line, on the front of the invitation, or via a Barbershop Quartet delivered to your guests’ front door, make sure people know: we’ve got booze here!

7. Make the Most of Little Details
Invitations, the same as parties, are greater than the sum of it’s parts. It is more than just a stamp on an envelope with some words inside. It is an experience created by all the details coming together in exquisite harmony to create an emotional connection. Whether that emotion is amused, curious, or surprised is a product of unity between all of those parts that make the whole. By adding personal touches such as music, custom stamps, photo galleries, and meaningful details, you can help engage and excite your guests from the moment they click “Open Invitation” until they check “Yes” on the RSVP.

When it comes to making an invitation stand out from the crowd, sometimes you’ve got to push the envelope (pun intended). Don’t be afraid to be a little outrageous, surprising, or unexpected – guests’ will be more intrigued by your event if you show some personality!

To see more, you can browse designs .

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