Looking for a relaxed Monday read? Look no further than Fiona Minett’s hints and tips, Director from  for a more productive week!

With holiday season just around the corner and weekends filling up with family functions and festive parties quicker than you can put on your ’s, it’s imperative that we don’t let our workloads carry over in to weekend plans.

Here are just a few ideas to help you put the week aside so you can immerse yourself in the weekend you’ve been looking forward to for so long:

Set yourself a strict deadline

Giving yourself set working hours will always help you prioritise your work-load. Setting a deadline on anything – work or otherwise – is hugely powerful. If I know I need to be out the office at 17:00 on the dot, my to-do list will, without fail, be accomplished by 17:00. I find the best to-do lists are challenging but realistic. Don’t set yourself goals for the day that you know will probably take a few days to complete, because you’ll never get them ticked-off.

Schedule in your morning brew, lunch and afternoon coffee

Knowing the exact times you’ll take each break will naturally make you more productive in the hours you’re at your desk. If I know my afternoon coffee fix will be at 3, I’ll make sure I’ve written 1,000 words of copy before I take it, or I’ll ensure those two press releases are scheduled to go out. If you see your breaks as a small reward at the end of a task, it will soon motivate you to get the job done.

Things always come up that we don’t expect

You’re to-do list might look uniform at 9am, but the chances are that by 10am your priorities have changed. Working with the media means we have to act fast and at times, sporadically, so whether it’s clients or internal needs, work with your team to move things round and get things done. If you work on your own, prioritise. Although I might think I’m Super Woman (not to be taken literally) sometimes it’s impossible to move mountains. We’re all humans and there’s only 24 hours in a day.

The day’s not over until the next day’s planned

That is all.

Share your thoughts and ideas

Sharing your creative ideas with your team is a great way to get them out and off your chest. If I don’t share them I end up having creative idea spasms at the most inappropriate moments when there’s no one there to brainstorm with me.

If you must check your emails at the weekend

Don’t get obsessive with checking your work emails and social media. Remember, the weekend is a time to switch off, but if you insist on checking them then do. But do it at very specific times in the day. First thing, lunch-time and at the end of the day. No more.

Fiona Minett, Director of 

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