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Are you ever too old to call yourself a traveller?

The other day Mo and I sat down in the evening to go through something most people dread to discuss after a hard slog at work… our finances. I have always been a firm believer that if you work hard, you have every right to spend money and enjoy your hard earned cash, I mean what other reason is there to keep up the 9 to 5?

With an upcoming Christmas trip to Thailand, my 30th birthday and achieving our life plan to become homeowners by the end of 2015, something had to give.

After much deliberation we decided that planning a tour of West Coast America for my big three-o was a tad over ambitious. Reluctantly, I accepted that we would still go away, but we decided to look into somewhere a bit more local.

I say ‘reluctantly’ as I was being a bit of a diva about the whole thing. Sulkily accepting not to celebrate my big birthday with a bang wasn’t linked to us not being able to go on a long haul trip and party it up in LA. It scared me to think that maybe I had passed the point of being able to travel without having to feel a sense of responsibility, not worrying about savings and future plans such as starting a family etc. I am already struggling to come to terms with the fact I am leaving my twenties and this felt like another reality hit; to say I was moving further and further away from being able to lead the life that I always dreamed of, one that involved the one thing I crave – to see and experience the world.

I have heard so many wonderful travel stories, people who have taken the leap into achieving the life they dreamed of and when you listen to them talk they always make me feel like, ‘I can do this’, until I realise the person behind the words is usually in their early twenties. My heart always sinks that little bit.

Am I too old for this game?

Is packing up and wandering the world, something I truly want to do?

Or am I actually the type that likes to call one place home?

Have I passed the point of being able to pick up a backpack and just go for it?

If travel blogging has taught me anything, it’s that there are hundreds of different types of travellers out there; singles, couples, even families… travel is in no way restricted in this day and age.

What was I thinking? I am SO not past it!

Reading blogs and getting lost in the adventures of others have been such an inspiration and I have started to take note and appreciate the opportunities around me. For years, I have travelled, collected photos, written diaries and notes in the hope of moving into travel writing one day. And this year, fuelled by my new leash of motivation from reading other stories, and driven by my disappointment of not accomplishing all that I assumed I would have by the age of 30, I started a blog.

Blog writing is a way to give yourself some direction, an outlet for your passion and the best way to meet a whole bunch of like-minded people. It’s a great place to have fun, be creative and share wisdom, without any restrictions on the thoughts and opinions you want to express.

Why do I write? I write hoping that I may just be helping someone who is looking for advice. I hope that my words will provide travel inspiration to readers, and push people to venture out and experience some of the places I have fallen in love with.

Ultimately though, I write for me. For Mo and I. My blog is my way of documenting all the great memories we have made and having them right there, immortalized in cyber world. So, wherever we are, whatever happens, we can always look back over them and remember how lucky we were.

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