UK Blog Awards 2015 – submission from Abbie Dando,  (nominated for Best Individual Lifestyle Blog  ).

I wanted to write this post as I’m in complete and utter awe how many mummy bloggers, and other bloggers that are mummies, manage to post something interesting and great to read every single day. When I embarked on my blog I was pregnant and just approaching maternity leave. Blogging was my ‘something to keep my brain going’ while I was getting caught up in preparing the nursery and basically all things baby. At this time I managed to get about two to three posts up a week, varying from a thoughtful piece, to a funny piece (well I thought they were funny!) to a fashion or pregnancy product review. However, since having Jack five months ago I’m lucky if I get two posts up a month, let alone two a week.

To set the scene, here’s an example of how a typical month of blogging versus mummy duties go…

Week one of the month

Decide on something to write about that’s a) been topical in our household that month, b) been frustrating me, or c) something that I simply have an urge to write about.

I’ll then aim to sit down and write when Jack’s having a nap.

As soon as Jack goes down for a nap, I realise that actually that piece of washing I need to get out of the machine is probably more of a priority than my blog. I sort the washing out. Then I boil the kettle so I can sit down and write with a cup of tea in hand. Kettle boiled. Tea poured. I sit down and…oh Jack’s awake. I’ll try again tonight. The second nap of the day is very short so I have no chance!

The evening

After a long day tending to little Jack, going for a walk, visiting a friend for coffee, doing some household chores, every ounce of me wants to start writing that blog post.

I start writing as soon as Jack’s asleep and dinner has been eaten. By this time I’m so shattered and cannot think straight that I’ll work out the structure of my post and the order in which I want to tell my story, but just cannot find the energy or head space to finish it.

I’ll try again tomorrow.


We’re out and about today for all of Jack’s naps, so the only time I will get to myself to write my post will be in the evening.

The evening

I’m shattered after rushing here there and everywhere, and it’s so nice to sit down and switch my brain off, so I’ll do just that. Flopped on the sofa with no phone, no laptop, basically no technology – ok I’ll have the TV on (most probably Corrie) – I decide I’ll do my blog tomorrow…

Now I’m not going to go on as I’m sure you get the picture. This goes on for days and weeks. It’s not that I don’t enjoy writing for my blog – I absolutely love, love, love it – but I think because I want it to be a good read, I want it to be just right. And in order for it to be so I need to have my best brain switched on. So after all this to-ing and fro-ing about three weeks later I will have written that post, uploaded it to my blog and shared it with my friends and followers (who I’d like to also think are my virtual friends!).

I got thinking about those amazing mummy bloggers posting fabulous things all the time after checking out who else got to the next stage of the UK Blog Awards. Wow I am up against some stiff competition! After my blog has become a huge part of my life and something I think about every day, I’m over the moon to be through to the next round of the Awards. It’s a huge cliché, but no-one can prepare you for motherhood and I’m thrilled to have embarked on my blogging journey when I did and document our life-changing experience. So fingers, toes, arms, legs, eyes, everything I can possible cross, that I go onto the next round….here’s hoping!

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