If you’re a blogger or influencer then you’ll have recently seen a lot of changes to the algorithms on social media platforms. You might even have experienced the effect these changes are having on your own accounts. The challenge still remains the same:

How do you grow your blog brand reach organically?

So we’ve come up with a few tips to help you grow your audience organically (oh and we’ve popped in a couple of things that you shouldn’t do too!)

  • Authenticity

Remember: Your audience follows you for a reason. There is something about the way you come across that appeals to them. Try not to get bogged down in what other bloggers are doing and comparing yourself to them. Create content about topics you are genuinely interested in and not what you feel is trending at the moment. If the content you are creating does not fit in with your niche, your audience will spot it and it won’t come across as authentic. Basically be true to your awesome self.

  • Follow for Follow

You have probably seen these threads popping up a lot, especially since the new changes to the YouTube Partner program, which states that you need a minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of view time to be eligible. It’s tempting to get involved, and the ‘follow for follow’ tactic will certainly help you get there, but in the long run this can be more detrimental than helpful. You may gain some genuine followers but overall you will see your numbers increase and then you will notice that you will lose a lot of followers all at once. Taking part in “follow for follow” or ‘sub for sub’ trend is also a violation of the terms of use for all social media platforms. So if you’re caught it can mean some pretty serious consequences for your blog.

If you want to work with brands or get noticed it can be helpful if you have a larger following but times are changing. There was a time when your following was deemed the most important stat about your blog, and that might still be the case for some brands and companies looking for influencers, however, we are seeing a huge trend shift out there with a larger focus being placed on engagement. Having 1000 followers with a higher engagement percentage says a lot more about the success of your blog than a larger following with a lower percent of engagement.

  • Consistency

Consistency is the key to keeping your audience entertained and engaged with you. This does not mean you have to post every day. Do what works for you, whether that is posting once a week or three times a week but do it consistently- make sure that you DO post 3 times a week, every week (and preferably on the same days). Also, be consistent in posting across your social media platforms you use so you can reach all of your audience. Not everybody has the same social media platforms so bare that in mind when you are promoting and sharing your content.

  • Promote yourself

The skill with growing your audience is more than just posting your content and waiting for people to read it. Use all of your social media platforms to promote your latest blog post or video and don’t be afraid to show off and be proud of something you have spent time creating. Try scheduling a few posts reminding people when your next post will be live and where they can see it. There are apps you can download such as Buffer and Hootsuite that can help with scheduling on Facebook and Twitter. (Lots of them are free to use too!)

  • Engagement

Engaging with your audience shows that you care about the people that view your content. Try and set some time aside each day to go through your social channels and reply to comments; like photos, comment on other peoples posts that you follow and even find some new people to follow. Find a balance between promoting yourself and engaging with other peoples content.  There are Facebook groups and Twitter chats you can join and take part in that will give you the opportunity to meet more creators like yourself as well as giving you the opportunity to reach more people. SHAMELESS PLUG: Such as the UK Blog Awards #Bloghour – which we run every single Tuesday at 9pm over on our Twitter feed.

  • The numbers game!

It is very easy to get carried away with the statistics and numbers, especially as the blogging community grows. Learning about SEO and how to create an effective post with a greater reach is a a fantastic tool to have in your arsenal, this will help you in the long run but try not to stress over the numbers. If you enjoy producing content and are happy with the quality of what you are producing, the rest will come in time.

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