Don’t worry. We’ve all been there. You find yourself wondering around London on a nice relaxing evening and suddenly, you fancy a drink with your friends. But where do you go? With so much variety to choose from and a million and one different tube stops, you end up going to the nearest bar to you just out of convenience. And after, you say to yourself ‘I really should explore more of London…’ Well now is your chance.

Luckily for us, we speak to a lot of different venues for our events and we know the best places to go to so here is a little roadmap for good places to grab a quick drink; in no particular order by the way. And you know just as well as we do that there are many more great places out there and you’ll never be able to visit ALL of them unless you fancy a trip to the AA… But hopefully that will never happen as responsible drinking should be at the forefront of all our minds! But anyway, we’re deviating a little bit here, aren’t we?

Club49 Soho

Club49 is situated on Greek Street and is less than 5 minutes away from Tottenham Court Road Tube Station. If you fancy a late one and fruity cocktails are your thing then do not miss out on this place as they offer a wide variety of cocktails and a 3am license on week nights. The upstairs bar is long, red and sleek – great if you want to meet people and have a memorable night. They also have a stage at the back which quite often features live music; especially on a Tuesday night! If you want to mix it up a bit then make sure you visit Club49 Soho as the Jazz and cocktails can go down quite nicely.

Zebrano Bars 

Zebrano Bars have two luxurious cocktail bars: One in Soho and one near Carnaby Street – both within 15 minutes of walking distance from each other. Our personal preference is the ‘Carnaby’ bar on Ganton Street. Not only does it have a beautiful restaurant with a great outdoor terrace which is perfect for the summer, but it also offers a happy hour on most week nights where you can get a glass of good wine for an unbeatable price, not to mention the great vibe that the downstairs bar offers. You could quite comfortably spend an entire after-work evening here starting out with a nice meal upstairs before you head downstairs for cocktails and great dance music.

Morpeth Arms, Pimlico 

If you prefer an old English pub vibe and somewhere a bit quieter with traditional ale, then we highly recommend Young’s ‘the Morpeth Arms’ near Pimlico station which is perfect if you work in Vauxhall or Westminster. It is situated just opposite Vauxhall Bridge and is great for weekends with the family. Why? Because the Tate is just 5 minutes down the river. And you can even see the M15 building from the outside view. If you are looking for a quieter and cosier option then take a trip down to Vauxhall to the Morpeth Arms.

The Magic Garden, Battersea 

Looking for a winter warmer and some live music at the weekend? The Magic Garden is highly underrated but totally worth the trip. Not only do they have an amazing outdoor area with free blankets and pillows on offer for the winter, but they showcase great live bands including Jazz, Swing and just about anything that you can dance to. The drink prices are average and they have a nice table area near the entrance so if you are looking for a versatile place then we highly recommend this! Great if you want to have a few too many, snuggle up in a blanket and then dance the night away…

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