It has been decree’d on Twitter and so it shall be….our topic for #bloghour on this Tuesday you can go from being a personal or hobby blogger to a professional blogger (by that we mean- you get paid!)

So we’re just going to dive straight in with our qeustions and we cannot wait to see you for #bloghour!

Q1) Are you a hobby-ist blogger looking to go pro or are you happy with where you’re at? #Bloghour

Q2) Do you have a plan for making the transition or do you have no idea? #Bloghour

Q3) If you’ve moved from a personal to a professional blogger then HOW did you do it? #Bloghour

Q4) Are there are any platforms or resources on line that you can use to get paid opportunities? #Bloghour

Q5) Do you have any tips of what NOT to do? Any pitfalls, mistakes or warnings you can offer the community? #Bloghour

Q6) What would be your ideal campaign to work on and what would you do as part of a ‘blogger package’? #bloghour

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