This week for our #Bloghour we want to talk about a topic that all of our influencers bring up at one time or another, it’s the age old question of ‘giving it away for Free’ or negotiating a fee. For most of our bloggers, vloggers, Social Influencers- the end goal when building their following and creating their content is to turn their hobby into a paid career. Many times that begins with product trials, trips and events….often for free. The big question is, WHEN is the right time to change that.

We’ve seen a huge shift in the world with respect to brands and businesses who are now utilising Influencers more than ever, but it can sometimes feel that the ‘paid for’ work is often reserved for Influencers with only HUGE followings (their tribe number being the most important figure to a brand representative.) At the UK Blog Awards we are passionate about creating opportunities and dialogue for every single type of Influencers- believing that it’s not the numbers that are important but the engagement. Do you agree?

Making the leap from hobbyist influencers with some wonderful free opportunities… full time blogger paid for every sponsored ad, review and excursion- is a long debated topic and one we’re hoping to lift the lid on for our topic of conversation at our #Bloghour tonight! (9:00pm – 1st August 2017).

So for tonight we want to talk about the ultimate topic: Negotiating PR Offers and Contracts!

Q1) How important is it to agree to do some PR offers for free?
Q2) If/when you have done paid PR work- how easy is it to negotiate a fair fee?
Q3) Do you feel you can negotiate when being offered work (free OR paid for?)
Q4) How do you find paid for PR opportunities?
Q5) Do you have a strategy for moving from Hobbyist to Paid Blogger?
Q6) In an ideal world, what sort of paid for opportunities would you love to be offered?

Looking forward to you joining in the discussion!

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