Here at UK Blog Awards HQ, we listen to our following. The People’s Voice is important to us and after asking our social audience what topic they would like to discuss during this weeks #BlogHour we received some great responses. Fellow UKBA15 winner  requested that tonight’s #BlogHour topic should be around, ‘Blog promotion – getting the word out’.

We thought this was a great topic and would really benefit lots of new and regular Bloggers across the Bloggersphere to reflect and discuss their Blog promotion. So, tonight at 9pm, we ask you to join us to discuss the best ways to promote your Blog and website. We want to know what has worked for you and what hasn’t.

Please see the questions below for discussion this evening:

Q1. Do you rate or hate video advertising? Have you ever used an Ad-blocker software and if so, what is the future for digital advertising? #BlogHour

Q2. When developing your Blog posts, do you ever think how your content will emotionally connect to your audience? How do you illustrate your Blogs core values? #BlogHour

Q3. Do you find splitting Blog content into two separate posts keeps your  readers more interested? #BlogHour

Q4. Email marketing is a great way to share a variety of posts to your audience. What are your favourite e-newsletters that you read? #BlogHour

Q5. A picture paints a thousands words. But how do you keep creative with the likes of Pinterest and Instagram? #BlogHour

Q6. Have you ever promoted your Blog via print instead of online? Do you still think there is a call for printed media? #BlogHour

We hope you enjoy tonight’s questions, don’t forget to use the hashtag!

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