Is summer finally here? It’s that time of week again where we discuss a variety of topics relating to you and your Blog. Join the conversation tonight via Twitter account at 9pm using the #BlogHour hashtag.
We have featured two of our Bloggers, as well as discussing your guilty pleasure, is there anything that you wouldnt like to admit to your Blogging peers or do you front an open book policy?

We hope you can join the conversation tonight, check out the questions below before we begin:

Q1. Why did people decide to start a blog. Is this the same reason you continue? via  #BlogHour

Q2. What tips do you have for Blogging ‘on the go’? #BlogHour Q3. What do you guys do to improve the views on your blogs? via  #BlogHour

Q4. With the launch of  approaching, will you find educational webinars beneficial via the platform? #BlogHour
Q5. Let’s talk LinkedIn. Do you use it? If not, how do you think it could benefit you and your Blog career? #BlogHour
Q6. In recent weeks, we have seen the likes of LoveIsland and Pokemon Go become a guilty pleasure. Share yours with us?! #BlogHour

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