Our 20th Blog Every Day in November post and tonight we get the opportunity to share further information with our Individual & Organisational Bloggers around the topic of the Retail and Fashion.

If you missed our announcement earlier this month,  from the renowned  will be one of the Judges looking over the top 10 Individual and Organisation Blog posts after the public vote in 2014.

With the category being focused around Retail as well as Fashion, we felt it was important to have a respected UK department store on the judging panel to provide the recognition our Blogging entries deserve. We hope you would agree.

So how does Blogging benefit the Retail & Fashion industry in the UK?

This industry is now widely known for individual’s bloggers reviews of products and clothing, in the sense of ‘try before you buy’. And what a great way to develop interest in brands which indirectly markets the company product/s, as well as creating great awareness for the blogger. The Blogger takes the time to document their experience and professional opinion about the product while benefiting themselves, win, win and great marketing if you ask us!

During  (Twitter hour that is run every Tuesday from 9-10pm) last night with our PR Media Partner,  the discussion was around Bloggers relationship with PR agencies. Some of the bloggers that took part shared some of the companies they found really good to work with:

 advised that  &  were their personal favourites

 referred to  as diamonds to work with!

These tweets have not only provided instant review of a brand in ‘realtime’, but also helped aid people’s perceptions of the product in a positive light, instantly – the ultimate power and benefit from Blogging and Social Media.

Keeping on the positive subject and looking at how brands portray a positive image,  has increasingly played a large role in changing the public’s perceptions of its products, challenging its more luxurious competitor such as, . And it is working, with more than a third of British shoppers visiting Aldi looking for ‘low luxury’ in the last 12 weeks according to .

It is quite apparent in the Retail & Fashion Blogging world that the personal approach is highly valued, but has this also raised the bar in standards. Could it be argued that it is now more difficult to engage and gain interest via social media to impress? If brands do not engage via social media and blogging, do you value them less?

The people’s voice is here, alive, open and current, the driving force – arguably yes! The evidence is clear, however not without hard work, as we are sure individual bloggers will agree.
David Roth (historian and retail strategist from WPP The Store in the UK) was mentioned in the  stating, “..the digital revolution has just begun. Depending upon your perspective, it’s either a scary thing or incredibly exciting.” I take the latter view..”

If you have found this Blog post of interest, we welcome your comments and as ever your entry! Remember entries close for submission on Sunday 1st December at midnight, please click  to submit your entry.

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