Event Technology is now as important to a modern event as traditional components such as electrical power or furniture. The ability to allow your guests to share their experiences of your event to a wider audience is absolutely vital.
The bulk of event technology applications are served via your IP Network, which, of course, provides the WiFi access to attendees or Wired connections to presentations or live streams. These are the building blocks which will enable you to use event technology effectively. It is very important that when event organisers engage with any potential venue that they understand the Internet capabilities on offer.
The first component is the incoming Internet Connection; the venue should be able to provide this. It’s vital that you find out the type of connection (Fibre-optic, broadband, satellite) and the speed of connection (download and upload) which is on offer to you. If possible, make sure that the connection offers the same speed upload and download. Remember that your delegates will be sending out to the internet as well as receiving in. Also it is important that you find out if the connection is dedicated to your event rather than shared around the venue to offices etc. If the venue doesn’t have suitable bandwidth, then you would have to look at bringing in temporary bandwidth which can be very costly.
WiFi connectivity is the lifeblood of the modern event. A bespoke, enterprise-grade WiFi network should allow your visitors to connect with up to 3 devices per person. This network should be designed around the floorplan of the event rather than around the empty room the event is hosted in. The WiFi network allows your visitors to connect to social media, check emails and keep in touch with the office.
Whilst the quality of the network equipment is vital, just as important is the level of technical engineering. You will need a highly qualified event technician to run your network for the duration of your tenancy. There are a number of potential problems which can affect your network ranging from interference from other WiFi networks, poor RF channel planning and legacy client devices. This means you need an event tech professional to help you solve these potential issues. The configuration of the network equipment is as important as the the equipment itself.
Once you have your network in place then you can additional services which can enhance the offering:
Attendee tracking
Attendee Tracking uses the existing WiFi infrastructure to track the event visitors and provide valuable insights for event organisers and exhibitors.
On most events, the valuation of attendee behaviour is provided via touch point measures such as badge scanners and clicker counters. Event organisers and exhibitors desperately need a new technical way to reliably evaluate their performance without compromising delegate privacy.
This solution can provide reliable data about the visitor traffic flows, stage and stand performance, and visit lengths – crucial KPI’s which are beyond the abilities of traditional touch point measures.
It can provide a visual picture of every activity using passive location based Wi-Fi analytics. Organisers are then able to access detailed statistics using an online dashboard. These include an overview of traffic flows which can be used to optimise the venue layout, attendance statistics for each stand which they could then share with the event sponsors and exhibitors and an evaluation of location quality that can be used next year to prove the worth of individual locations.
Digital Signage
Digital signage can add a huge dimension to your venue or event, engaging, informing and directing your guests, audience or delegates in real time.
Digital Signage solutions can provide your delegates with real-time speaker video, twitter feeds, agenda changes, seat availability information, floor plans and stand locations. It can keep your delegates engaged and motivated, encouraging the movement that is so crucial to the smooth-running of your event. In addition, the solution can pay for itself via sponsorship.
For any event, CCTV can be a key information-gathering tool, delivering the knowledge you need to ensure smooth running, efficiency, security and safety. In these ways, CCTV enhances
your visitors’ experience. In addition, CCTV can also gather crucial marketing data, giving you the hard evidence you need to prove the success of your event to future prospects.
Other technologies which can enhance the enhance the event experience include live online voting & polling. iBeacon technologies, event accreditation and event virtual-reality, where delegates can attend the event remotely.
Once you have the key building bricks of event technology in place then you will be able to use the various options to create a technology led event which impress your delegates and leads them to return again and again.Guest post from . Connect with Max Wifi:


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