Events cause and create many emotions. Excitement, nerves, anxiety and laughter to name a few. So how can attending events aide your Blog development and more importantly, how do you choose which events to attend.

During tonight’s #BlogHour, we will be discussing event experiences, how they make you feel, what you plan to achieve out of attending and how attendance and participation can enhance growth.

When we created the UK Blog Awards, the event wasn’t only about recognition but about bringing a multitude of industries together to network, share good practice and develop collaborative opportunities under one roof. As well as this, we wanted to create a friendly and welcoming environment for attendees joining our small meet ups to the big scale of 600 individual influencers, brands and media attending the awards in April. To achieve this, careful planning (lots of spreadsheets!) and design is required to enable our audience to feel welcomed, relaxed and recognised.

So, why are events important and why is it worth you spending your hard earned cash on attending? Let’s discuss:

Q1. Planning your own event. What would be your objective for the event and what would your audience achieve in attending? #BlogHour

Q2. How do events make you feel? Do you discuss with your peers about any nerves/ excitement beforehand? #BlogHour

Q3. It’s important to vary the events you attend to reach different audiences. Do you do this? #BlogHour

Q4. Do you prefer sharing across social media during the event or post afterwards? #BlogHour

Q4b. Social sharing at event’s provides audience insight, how do you strike the balance? #BlogHour

Q5. #UKBA17 is approaching. Would you attend an awards event if you were not a finalist? #BlogHour

Q6.  Describe the perfect event that you would love to attend? What excites you about an event experience? #BlogHour

We hope you enjoy tonight’s hour. If you would like to attend the UK Blog Awards 2017 on Friday 21st April 2017 at the Westminster Bridge, Park Plaza hotel, you can purchase tickets .

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