For tonight’s #bloghour we want to discuss a topic suggested by Hannah Rudd – @Hannahsrudd – all about ethics and eco friendliness.

Hannah said: ‘I think a #bloghour on the ethics/ecofriendliness of products/experiences etc. reviewed by bloggers would be great. Do bloggers think of the impact of a product before promoting it to their readers? Would love to do a set of questions on this. I’m genuinely curious.’

So are we Hannah!

So for tonight, let’s talk about our footprint….not just the one we’re making on the planet, but the ethical one we’re showing our readers and impressionable individuals who follow us on Insta and Twitter. This is a pretty hot and heavy subject, we’re expecting some good natured, respectful debate…so show up with your opinions and thoughts but let’s remember- we are all of an individual mind, and we have the right to our own opinions and views.

  1. On a scale of 1-5, how much of a champion of eco friendly/ethical products are you? (1 = Not bothered & 5 = 100% of the time, I live and breathe it through all of my decisions.) #Bloghour
  2. When reviewing a product either gifted or that you’ve been paid to review/feature- do you ever ask about the origins of the product, the packaging, the ingredients? #Bloghour
  3. Do you think bloggers (of ALL types and industries) SHOULD be asking these questions? #Bloghour
  4. What do you think the impact is for your audience? Do you think they care about this topic or do you think it differs depending on your industry? #Bloghour
  5. OPINION: Should bloggers have to take up this ‘mantle’ if it isn’t their blog’s focus or industry? #Bloghour
  6. IDEAS: What more can be done by bloggers to make a greater impact on this subject? #Bloghour

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