And if the title of this post didn’t give it away then YES- the topic for this week’s #bloghour is in fact- ENGAGEMENT.

A topic suggested by the lovely @yorkshiremumof4 who wants tips, advice and ideas on how to:

  • Engage with your audience on Instagram
  • Engage more with your Twitter followers
  • Grow interaction as a whole

We LOVE these kinds of topics because we always get so much advice and ideas from the blogosphere!

Engagement is obviously crucial to the success of your blog, but going beyond those lofty goals we set ourselves in the search for blogger fame and stardom is something else that is very real and very powerful – engagement connects us a whole, it connects audiences across many topics. It makes the world a smaller place and it makes your words so powerful.

There’s also been a lot of talk recently around followers, fraud and everything in between. So we want to talk about something altogether more positive and exciting – engagement. Having honest, open, sometimes funny conversations with your network to perpetuate an idea, or grow awareness or just to make some one laugh.

The power of engagement is limitless – so let’s delve in and figure out how to do more of it shall we?

Q1) Do you think you engage enough with your audience as a whole? #Bloghour

Q2) Where do you engage the most with your audience? (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, your blog etc) #Bloghour

Q3) What tactics do you use to grow your engagement? #Bloghour

Q4) Are there any tools online that can help bloggers grow their engagement? #Bloghour

Q5) Who do you love engaging with the most? (fellow bloggers, your audience, thoughts leaders etc.) #Bloghour

Q6) Share your number 1 tip for a new blogger growing their engagement. #Bloghour

Thanks so much, can’t wait to see you over on our Twitter feed at 9pm tonight!

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