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NameYour creative rebel
Basic InfoMy blog is called - Its Never Too Late!In this blog, I used myself as a guinea pig to make the message more personal. My approach was to provide something different and fun, unique to my audience online. The unique idea was all about myself as a 44-year-old trying to get fit in 4 weeks, which wasn’t going to be easy; but certainly not impossible.My blog was released weekly as outlined below: Week 1. See You Later Alligator! Week 2. Let’s kick this off! Week 3. Mr and Mrs Motivator  Week 4. The buff doesn’t stops here!The images were posted weekly to update the audience on my progress. The blog was to demonstrate a much bigger picture, that is; anything is possible when you have clear and simple direction in place. I then provide details of how this could be achieved, giving specific information like - realistic timelines and mental meditative exercises.
What Blog Means To YouI love blogging, it provides me with a outlet and a different voice. I’ve not been blogging that long, well not long compared to other bloggers out there! but I do love it! I can be creative and have free reign, to have fun, be honest and not to worry about my dyslexia or any of my mental health problems. I have a voice which is singing every tune, maybe I'm not always in tune; but I'm singing never the less and I'm enjoying the ride!

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