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Basic InfoUpper Story Club is a blog about my life as 30-something year woman who happens to have a brain tumour. I share frank (and dare I say funny!) accounts of my treatment interspersed with my life and likes - which include style, travel and my trusty red lipstick.My blog provides an honest and relatable space, where you’ll find tips on how to cope with radiotherapy and chemo, alongside the best leopard print picks - because why can’t we have both?I’m really passionate about showcasing the people behind the well-publicised statistics, and also share stories from other babes with brain tumours. In doing so, we’re working towards challenging the grim and one-dimensional view that dominates the current (brain tumour) narrative.
What Blog Means To You“Your writing helps to put things into perspective and indirectly, answers some of my questions and helps me to understand more”“Such an honest, thought provoking and inspiring blog and love the ballet pumps”I never thought I’d have a blog. I’d spent years climbing the corporate career ladder, presuming blogs were for other people. My thinking changed when I came around following 12 hours of awake brain surgery. The surgery had been unsuccessful - meaning the tumour could not be removed. I found myself bed-bound, unable to walk, stand, or properly move my left side. In the sleepless nights that followed, I realised that I had to share my experiences with others, and that’s what I began to do.It's no exaggeration to say that blogging has been a shining light - providing me with purpose, a way to connect, and lots of fun during a tough period of rehab and treatment. I've included the quotes above (from blog post comments) because they are the reason I will keep on doing what I'm doing, not just for me, but for the difference it makes to fellow brain tumour-ers.

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