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NameThoughtful theatre
Basic InfoI set up Thoughtful Theatre in January 2014 and since then, I have reviewed over sixty productions in London, Manchester and other theatres around the UK. My aim is to honestly and thoughtfully critique plays, musicals and comedy shows I see, whether they be on the stage of the National or in a room at the back of a pub in Edinburgh. I have reviewed a wide range of productions, from the classics of Shakespeare and Ibsen to modern playwrights such as Alice Birch and Polly Stenham, from student directors to the likes of Carrie Cracknell and Ivo van Hove. Thoughtful Theatre is closely linked to my Twitter account which has over nine thousand followers. This enables me to interact with my readers in an attempt to feel more connected to the world of theatre, particularly in London where it can seem so celebrity-based and daunting. Some of my blog posts are more conversational and others are more akin to the style of reviews you might read in the paper. In 2015 I built relations with the Bush theatre in London and reviewed a number of productions there, followed by HOMEmcr when I moved to Manchester for university and they seemed keen to build a press basis as the arts centre had just opened. If I had to sum up Thoughtful Theatre three words, they would be: honest, diverse and accessible.
What Blog Means To YouBlogging about theatre gets me excited. When I've seen a theatre production, a musical or comedy show, the first thing I do on my way home is write own all my thoughts on what I've just seen. My mind will be over-flowing with positive thoughts, or otherwise, about a production and I enjoy the task of piecing them together to make a coherent blog post. I love translating thoughts into critique and writing the review in such a way as to entice potential audience members but also not giving too much away. Blogging gave me an outlet when I was in my final years of school and I wanted to find something that I could really sink my teeth into. I found that reviewing theatre was my happy medium. Thoughtful Theatre gave me the chance to immerse myself in the London theatre scene and constructively write about it for readers genuinely interested in it too. Whilst studying Drama at the University of Manchester, the course based in theory and analysis, my blog was something I had on the side to keep my creative juices flowing. I have loved building and designing the blog and re-branding it earlier this year. I constantly use Twitter to promote it and hear back from fellow theatre-goers about their thoughts on a certain review or production we have both seen. Blogging makes the world of theatre tangible. I am nearly entering my fifth year with Thoughtful Theatre and I can't wait to see what plays, comedies and musicals 2019 will bring!

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