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NameThink ahead Sheffield
Basic InfoThe Think Ahead blog is a collaborative education blog with a team of nine core writers, and many guest contributors. Based at University of Sheffield, the aim of the blog is to start conversions about developing research staff and students and how to do that well. Through our blog we can do that globally, connecting with other people like us, and sharing stories. We seek to raise the quality of researcher development, and to raise awareness of the challenges of being a researcher in a precarious career landscape. Our 362 posts have scooped, scraped and otherwise marshalled 62,688 cumulative views, and 168 subscribers since we inexpertly launched our expert commentary onto the web in 2012. Our blog is multi-purpose as well as multi-authored, we have used it to create flipped learning materials for use in our university teaching work; to produce 'how to' guides and starter kits so others can take our practice and run with it; and as a time saving device based on the repeated requests to ‘pick our brains’. We consider our blog a social consultancy.
What Blog Means To YouWe want to make university lives easier. We seek to dismantle the idea that university work is done by reclusive snobs sitting in their ivory towers. We blog as an antidote to the features of the academic experience which are competitive, individualist, and isolated. We seek to demystify how good university research is conducted, and we spill those secrets of success to our researchers-in-training across the world. It’s important to us to make research education more inclusive and democratic and our blog reveals what is usually hidden about learning to be a good researcher. It also connects us to an international community through which we share our ideas, our successes and our mistakes openly; we give our knowledge away to anyone who can make use of it.

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