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NameThe worldd according to Jess
Basic InfoMy blog is mostly beauty reviews, though I feature travel, fashion and lifestyle. I am very fun and bubbly and always engage with my audience. I discuss topics such as mental health, health and wellbeing. As I personally struggle with a disability I like to discuss what I go through to help others. Being a Makeup Artist also allows me to give my most unbiased opinion on a product and letting my audience know what skin type certain products are for. I have been blogging now for 3/4 years and have been building my audience and portfolio, working as an ambassador for Proactiv+.
What Blog Means To YouBlogging is a way to be yourself, especially when you have a disability it is a way to make friends and not be so isolated. I started blogging because I was working away from friends and family and was completely alone. When I started to engage with my audience I didn't feel so alone anymore. I wanted to share my passion for beauty, which gave me the confidence to start sharing and talking about my mental health disability. Blogging is now just as big a part of my life as my friends are. Even if I only had 1 follower that would still mean the world to me.

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