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NameThe Terrified Writer
Basic InfoThe Terrified Writer inspires, through honesty and humour, aspiring writers (and other creators) to face their fears and fulfil their creative potential. I'm a writer who, in the past, spent too much time NOT writing or NOT revealing work because of fears, doubts and insecurities. Speaking to other 'potential' writers, aspiring writers and other members of the creative community, I soon discovered I was not alone. So many people, I found, do not pursue their creative dreams for the same reasons. Earlier this year, I decided to embrace my fear and let it would drive me forward, rather than hold me back. The Terrified Writer was created as a way of sharing the experience. In a section named 'This Writing Life' I chart my own creative journey, recounting with honesty and humour, experiences that other writers/artists can relate to, such as rejection and resilience. I also post articles on the creative process that may be of practical use. 'The Power of Three' are quick-fire three-question interviews with authors around the subject of fears, writing advice and book recommendations. To date, I have secured interviews with five high profile writers: Viv Groskop, Stella Duffy, Sarah Pinborough, Ruth Hogan and Sandra Danby. In another section, all the episodes of my podcast, Life Is Scary, are available to stream. And I also post book reviews. Recently, I have started recording audible versions of posts to give readers the option of listening instead. Feedback so far has been positive and a number of people have contacted me through the blog to thank me for motivating them to begin writing. Two posts in particular seemed to resonate particularly amongst aspiring writers: Real Time Rejection and How To Tell The Truth. As a result, The Terrified Writer now has a growing community of followers. My primary objectives are to inform, entertain and inspire. Content is based on what I find useful or funny or inspiring. If it meets two or more of these criteria, I share it. My future plans for The Terrified Writer include a community platform for readers to be able to share their work, anonymously or otherwise. This will continue and realise the underlying message of the blog, which is to encourage and enable aspiring writers to confront their fears in order to fulfil their own creative potential.
What Blog Means To YouWriting can be a lonely vocation and can feel isolating. Blogging offers a unique means of connecting with like-minded people. It's a way of finding your tribe, of creating a community, of bringing together people with common interests, regardless of where they are in the world, so we can support each other, share ideas and encourage each other in our creative endeavours. I've made some invaluable new friendships through The Terrified Writer and have met people I would not otherwise have come across. However, blogging can also create unity amongst readers and give them an opportunity to make connections too. I've experienced this myself through comments I've made on other blogs. The blogging community, too, I've found to be incredibly strong and supportive and I'm proud to be a part of it.

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