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NameThe maintenance corner
Basic InfoThe blog is an educational site on building maintenance. It covers a range of building surveying and maintenance related topics from building pathology right through to health and safety.It is aimed at students and building professionals alike. I do blogs on technical subjects and try to explain things in a way which can be easily understood by all. I carry out product reviews, drone videos on historic structures and educational content on a variety of construction topics.It is quite a new blog but it is something I am very passionate about and I think that it is quite a unique in that it is presented in a way which is interesting to a wide variety of people.
What Blog Means To YouIt has opened my eyes to possibilities I never thought were possible. For example a producer is using one of my drone videos for a BBC pilot programme. I have been really blessed with the rapid growth of the site from 30 views per post to thousands which is amazing for such a niche subject area.I have been very lucky to connect with manufacturers who are allowing me to review their surveying products. This includes the likes of Protimeter, Lascar, FLIR and Tramex. My blog has given me the confidence to write articles for magazines like the Building Engineer magazine and Ignite magazine which would have been but a dream a few years ago.My site has allowed me to grow by researching into topics and learning from others in the industry by their comments on my posts. I work a full time job so this started as a hobby and has now morphed into a passion which I think can do some good by helping others.When I first made my blog I wanted to use a good motto, I found two online which were: Learn, Adapt, Inspire and the second was Transform yourself, transform the world. I really do think that blogging can teach, inspire and bring out the best in us.

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