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NameThe London Geek
Basic InfoThe London Geek originally started as the nerd guide to the British capital, but over the last year it has evolved into a geek culture and lifestyle hub, celebrating the work and figures within this sphere. One of the biggest features of the platform is the in-depth reviews and recommendations of places and events to visit in London. From the iconic Forbidden Planet comic book store on Shaftesbury Avenue, to attending a ‘Potions’ class at the British Library as part of the Harry Potter: A History of Magic exhibition. I go along to an experience, I document my thoughts and share an undiscovered gem in the heart of the city for fellow readers to check out.It also features exclusive insights into quirky figures from across the world that other geeks can aspire to and learn from. These include Daniel M Jones, the founder of the religious movement Jediism, and renowned Harry Potter youtubers and podcasters Tessa Netting and Anna Brisbane. In my interviews, I hope to draw out information that will inspire any readers who wish to start up their own geeky entrepreneurial project. I’ve interviewed authors, fashion designers, online creators and more.From a personal perspective, the blog explores my views and interests as a fangirl. Be it fashion choices or thought-led pieces, I hope to relate with other geek girls who engage with my content, as they are my core audience. I use this blog as my outlet for the nerdy side of my personality, and I look to open up conversations with members of different fandoms, and create new meaningful relationships with my readers.
What Blog Means To YouGrowing up, I wasn’t always the most popular child. I would even go as far to say that I was labelled as the ‘‘weird-drama-kid’, only managing to cling onto friendships with other fellow misfits in the school. Due to my already ‘uncool’ personality, I hid my nerdy interests from most people. Because you see, not everyone understands why you’re still a fan of a fantasy book series, or video games, or comics. It’s often deemed as ‘childish’, and we’re told that we should just let it go.But as I’ve grown older, my confidence has grown also. I’ve realised that the geeky side of my personality makes up a huge portion of who I am, and it was something that I was finally ready to share with the world. This blog allows me to connect with others who have the same interests. I’ve managed to bond with readers - both IRL and online - over some of the places I’ve visited on my blog, or some of the views that I’ve expressed. I’ve forged new friendships across the country, all because my blog allowed me to unlock doors that I’d never thought of opening in the first place.My blog is the voice in my childhood that I repressed. It’s the kid within me that wanted to go to all these nerdy events, but never had the guts to do so. It’s the rallying speech behind other individuals who have made a success of themselves through expressing their geekiness in an original and creative way. It’s the part of my brain that daydreams, made into a (hopefully) comprehensible form. My blog is my unique, creative brainchild, and I believe it’s one of the first spaces to merge lifestyle blog content with the geek world. And I hope that every person who reads it will come away feeling a little more confident in their own geeky interests.

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