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NameThe intrepid guide
Basic InfoThe Intrepid Guide was born out of my passion for helping travellers better connect with destinations and the people in them by providing free travel phrase guides and detailed destination guides.I believe it’s all about the connections, culture, and the conversations we have that make travelling so special.The Intrepid Guide aren’t just three random words. I chose the word ‘intrepid’, because it represents me when I left Australia to followed my dreams of learning Italian by living in Rome and becoming truly bilingual.I’m a ‘guide’ because when friends and family come to visit me and I show them around, I become their guide by sharing share fun and interesting historical facts about the places we visit.I love sharing what I’ve learned with others because I want them to have a deeper understanding of the place they’re in.I encourage travellers to learn a few choice phrases and use my free travel phrase guides that have a pronunciation guide to make things even easier.My goal is to spread hope and debunk the myth that learning a language isn’t achievable for everyone. It’s not too difficult, you’re not too old or missing the ‘language gene’. I know what it’s like to be a struggling monolinguist and how to come out of the other side.
What Blog Means To YouBlogging allows me to raise awareness and share the importance of learning and speaking the local language whilst travelling. Even know a few choice phrases can make such a difference to your experience.There is so much focus on travelling to beautiful destinations but we’ve lost of what makes travelling so special and memorable, it’s the people and the cultures we encounter and language plays an integral role in that.With my blog, I’m able to share my message of the importance of language learning. I remind people the learning the local language not only enriches your travel experience but it also carries other benefits such as learning to be more empathetic and for its mental and health benefits.

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