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NameThe dramble
Basic InfoTo us, whisky appreciation is an inherently social activity based around the sharing of individual experiences and opinions. The number of whisky blogs has risen tremendously over the past decade, and whilst each one adds to the growing knowledge pool of the whisky community, that knowledge is now widely dispersed. The Dramble seeks to join things back up a bit.The Dramble is a growing independent website run by two passionate whisky enthusiasts. The site presents straightforward and genuine evaluations of all types of whiskies, as well as regular features and interviews that explore the rich tapestry of the vibrant whisky world.But, whilst we share our opinions in our daily postings, we also love to share other peoples views (of all types - blogs, vblogs etc) to help connect up the whisky blog ecosystem for budding enthusiasts and new consumers. Each of our postings can be linked though to other tasting/notes/views/comments through the use of a simple link adding tool we've build.Likewise, we recognise that the whisky world is a diverse place - there's more to whisky than just bottlings directly from the distilleries. We highlight independent bottlers (who themselves champion variety) so that visitors who are fans of a particular company can get straight to the heart of the bottles they're most interested in.Founded in April 2017, The Dramble has reached over 35,000 unique users, generating over 110,000 article views to date.We're still looking for that Holy Grail of whisky, but in the meantime we're connecting up the whisky blogosphere one dram at a time.
What Blog Means To YouBlogging is a labour of love. A passion that requires both dedication, and above all just as much willingness to listen as to speak. Over our 18 month journey so far we've discovered new knowledge, shared insider-gems and most importantly met a great many new friends and colleagues who all, in their own ways add to the rich tapestry of the blog world.

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