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Basic InfoHi everyone! My name’s Jess, a 26-year-old Mancunian and a travel & lifestyle blogger at The Crown Wings. Started in 2012, The Crown Wings has always been a way for me to share everything I love, whether that be my favourite beauty products to my latest adventures.After suffering from severe anxiety, I realised that I shouldn’t have to compromise on living my life to the fullest in order to have a career. With that in mind I’m on a mission to show everyone that you can have a career, travel and be happy.Put simply, my blog is a place for those trying to live life to the fullest and just WINGING their way through.
What Blog Means To YouWhen I started blogging, I was severely ill and couldn’t leave the house. Feeling a bit isolated, I through myself into blogging, no idea what I was letting myself in for. Despite not knowing anything about blogging, I loved being able to create content about things I was passionate about, and build a connection with others. If I felt overwhelmed with learning new elements like SEO, it didn’t last long thanks to an army of fellow bloggers who were ready to help and point me in the right direction.Ironically, I’m now suffering from a different illness, this time anxiety. Despite having much more knowledge than I started with, blogging is still that supportive community that I through myself into back in 2012. A lot of things have changed since I started but I love the fact that, 6 years on, I am still incredibly passionate about blogging and am constantly wanting the learn new things.Essentially, for me, blogging is a way to be creative, explore my passions and create the best content I can about things I love, whilst at the same time having the benefit of an audience and fellow bloggers supporting and cheering me on. It’s the ultimate community.

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