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NameThe beauty kingdom
Basic InfoI am a firm believer that beauty should not only be fun, but accessible to everyone. Throughout the beauty kingdom blog, readers will find lots of beauty tips and tricks, reviews of new products and old favourites. Plenty of tutorials and insightful information. My aim is to help other women to improve their beauty know-how and make informed choices. By delivering helpful, relevant information that is easy to understand and most importantly FUN to follow.
What Blog Means To YouBlogging to me is an expression, it's an insight through the eyes of another persons' experience and perspective. I'm not just a blogger but an avid blog reader. I often get lost and wrapped up in other peoples experiences through their blog writing. Wether they are words that are entertaining, sad, fulfilling, educational and so on; they are experiences that we can resonate with. I love how blogs connect us all in a creative and dynamic way, particularly in todays modern landscape.

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