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NameTeam Tunnah Eventing
Basic InfoAn equestrian blog detailing our training and competition progress, & everyday yard life. Bringing together a collection of regular competitions reports, training session updates and all angles to equestrian life both on my blog & through social media posts. It has grown into approximately 3.5-4k views per month, with a social reach of almost 85k each month, all organically.Over the last 12 months, I have brought wider concepts to the equestrian niche, for example the current Blogtober series, as well as beginning to work authentically with brands only where they continue to understand the personable and genuine content I bring to my audience.Over the last 2 years, I have introduced Blogger's Corner to compliement my work as the found of the Equestrian Bloggers Facebook group. The group is set up as a way for this small niche of bloggers to ask questions, share ideas & content & grow their social audiences - much like many other broader blogging groups but specifically to this niche. I am the sole admin of this group. Blogger's Corner aims to bring my professional experience to knowledge posts but with a specific equestrian example. It has a dedicated section on my blog and regularly sees collaborators from within the group.When looking at the personal side to blogging, I find it a great way to reflect on our progress, tweak our training plans to improve our weak areas and also not to dwell on a bad day out. It's very easy to be distracted away from the positives of a competition, training session or situation by the negatives in that moment. So writing a post can really help me find those positives so I'm not delivering a negative, moaning post to my audience.I hope you enjoy it when you come to review it! :)
What Blog Means To YouAs I mentioned above, it's a fantastic way to keep progression going and drive motivation to our journey, but sharing this with people on social also means a lot as it really shows you that not the whole world is wishing you to do badly - there's A LOT of support out there. More and more of my audiences are genuinely pleased when we do well, they are supportive during lows (recent injuries show that!) and they want content from me, my horse and about our journey.

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