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NameSunny SJ Winter
Basic InfoWhere the Music Industry is often a 'who you know' not 'what you know' business, difficult for new professionals and artists to breakthrough, my blog has always aimed to provide the knowledge, advice and experienced foresight to help others.Starting whilst completing my BA (Hons) in Music Management, I first used this blog to discuss topics I was learning about. Since then, progressing in the Industry, i've used the new contacts i've made and the lessons learned, to help the current and next generations of the Music.I'm exceptionally proud of the content I put out, not only my blog posts, but my daily social media content and in-depth video discussions.Recent interviews and features have included Aria Alagha (worked with M.I.A, Dua Lipa, Lana Del Rey), Mischa Pearlman (New York Observer, Vice, Kerrang), and Bestival (Acclaimed Music Festival).
What Blog Means To YouTo me, blogging is an opportunity to share knowledge, make a difference to the future of the Music Industry, passionately share opinions on topics that mean the world to me, and use it as an extension of my identity: who I am, what matters to me and what kind of mark do I want to leave on the world.

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