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NameStumbling mind
Basic InfoStumbling Mind is a mental health blog that covers topics ranging from bipolar, panic attacks, eating disorders and psychosis. I explain Stumbling Mind to people as a blog for all things mental health. I don't shy away from discussing difficult or taboo subjects, such as hearing voices. Or discussing how we might be getting it wrong with the language we use surrounding mental ill health. I share my ongoing story of living with bipolar disorder, psychosis and an eating disorder. I write stark, raw and emotive journal entries to opinion pieces that dive into the issues surrounding mental health in the UK today. I offer advice on how to approach your doctor if you think you may have bipolar, to how to help someone when they're hearing voices. Stumbling Mind looks to inform and educate about mental illness and provide a safe place for those suffering with mental ill health. Most of all, if you're looking for real talk about mental illness that isn't sugar coated Stumbling Mind offers it.
What Blog Means To YouBlogging began as a therapeutic outlet for me. It's helped me to define who I am and gain stability with my mental illness. Now, it means I can reach and offer support to people who may find themselves in a vulnerable, lonely place. It means I can share my story and gives me a voice that I wouldn't otherwise have. Living with a mental illness leaves you feeling isolated and blogging opens so many opportunities to connect with other people.

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