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NameStudent holiday plans
Basic InfoStudent Holiday Plans is a money-saving travel blog targeted at students who want to see the world, but don't necessarily have the funds to do it in luxury. We aim to find the cheapest routes for periods perfect for students eg. early September before the start of the university term, and offer activities and must-see locations across Europe's best cities. Every blog post suggests activities, accommodation, and the cheapest flight route, including how to use public transport in the specific locations. Occasionally, a more personal testimony is given if the location has recently been visited IRL - this may include unique facts about the locations eg. the easiest airport transfer routes, as well as personal views on just who would enjoy visiting such a location.
What Blog Means To YouBlogging is the way in which I can truly express myself in my best possible way. I have never seen writing a blog post as a chore, but more as a form of escapism from everyday life. By blogging, I can communicate with people who I may never meet face to face, but who I have somehow aided and bonded with. By writing my blog, I know that even if life gets tough, I will always have a place that I feel safe and comfortable, no matter what.

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