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NameStories from a back pack
Basic InfoThe best stories come from a backpack! I'm Laura the chief storyteller at Stories from a backpack. It is a place to share lessons learnt, amazing travel stories, travel tips and life lessons. I want to build a community that encourages travellers to write down all their experiences and share them. A place where we can learn from each other, appreciate what we've got and make the most out of this on beautiful life we've got!
What Blog Means To YouBlogging is a space for me to remember my life - the good and the bad, all the beautiful travel memories and the painful experiences that have taught me to much. I want to create a platform that allows others to do this too. Blogging allows my to be vulnerable and say that I wish I could say in real life. It's my creative outlet and its my future career. It's my platform for meeting amazing like minded people. It's my space to change the world - by letting other people have space and permission to share their stories too.

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