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NameStolen Sleep
Basic InfoMy blog Sleep Is For The Weak is for anyone who has ever been kept awake by a baby…night, after night, after night… It features humorous no-sleep solutions for sleep deprived mums and dads and lots of REAL TRUE facts by the Institute of Real Life People With Actual Babies. Combining some of my own experiences from Postnatal Depression and severe sleep-deprivation with honest, humorous stories of my journey through motherhood, I started my blog as a source of inspiration, laughter and hope for tired parents!
What Blog Means To YouTo me, blogging means community and connecting with people from all over the world who are going through the same experiences as you. During my dark days of sleep deprivation and depression, blogging and humour saved my life and my sanity. It is about having a voice and using it to inspire or make people laugh!

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