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NameSoph Talks Science
Basic InfoSoph talks science is a science & education blog that started off simply as a creative outlet for me to practice my writing, but since has turned into something much bigger. As a girl who grew up in the middle of nowhere in Wales and with pretty much no exposure to the big wide world of science, I thought that the only career I could do with an interest in science was to be a doctor. I had no scientific role models or access to any resources or events that would enhance and nurture my passion for science. Something that I want to change through this blog. I love to share insights into my life as a scientist and tips for surviving all stages of a PhD – all the things I wanted to know before starting my PhD journey but also all other stages from university to GCSEs. I also love to showcase different scientists and their stories, particularly women in STEM, to show to the world that being a scientist is not just one thing; an old man in a white coat spending forever hunched over a lab bench! I also want to use Soph talks science as a way to promote a whole heap of amazing science education resources & gift as many as I can out to young minds who never had that like myself. But also I want to share the real science behind the headlines or just some fun science facts. Science surrounds us every single day in our lives so I love to communicate and try and instill a scientific curiosity in everyone so each one of us can feel more confident to ask question and also make their own informed opinions about the world around us I truly believe in the power of science to inspire, educate and entertain, and I follow the motto:‘SCIENCE IS NOT FINISHED UNTIL IT IS COMMUNICATED’
What Blog Means To YouAlthough I spend most of my time kitted out in my lab coat – which is not white but blue or yellow! – researching pluripotent stem cells, I am incredibly passionate about taking science out of the lab and to the people that matter – YOU! That is what my blog allows me to do and so much more. It gives me a platform to see what life as a scientist is like and what scientists are really like. Spoiler alert - we don't all find the same mould! But I can advocate for women in STEM and promote science education and all the amazing resources I encounter in the hope that it reaches a much wider audience. I like to think that my blog allows me to be a role model to the young minds who want to pursue similar careers and can learn from my mistakes or at least set out on their journeys knowing more about what is in store for them, unlike me, and just let people realise that if they want to, STEM careers are an option for them. But most of all I want everyone to get excited by science. So many people turn away at the first mention of it because they don't think they will understand, but if you have the right communicator you absolutely will and there is so much to be learn from the world of science. It is so rich and diverse to fit anyone's interests. So, sharing my passion will hopefully make others more curious and that is what I love about blogging - that one person could change their opinion based on the content that I share.

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