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NameRuth in revolt
Basic InfoMy blog started out as a place to express myself following my diagnosis and treatment of depression and anxiety, but quickly evolved over the course of a few months. My ambitions at the start were primarily selfish - to sort the clutter in my head and make a little sense of the world - but it stopped being about me, and became about how I could help others - in any way possible.I became driven to spread some happiness, both through my blog and social media, regularly writing from the heart as well as sharing blogging tips I was learning along the way.Now, I like to think my blog and my social media are something which makes people smile, and can be a reminder of the good people who are in the world. I believe we can achieve more together than we can by competing against each other, so when I'm not working on my own content, I'm supporting others with theirs.
What Blog Means To YouBlogging is the first thing I've done in my life which has felt like it's what I'm supposed to be doing. Until I started, I'd been drifting and wondering what I should be doing with my life, desperately hoping I'd figure it out somehow.I left a job in retail in April 2018 because of my mental health issues, and felt completely lost. Starting a blog and joining the amazing community felt like coming home. I've made wonderful new friends, and found something which ignited a spark unlike any other and which I am excited to pursue.Blogging is so many things I enjoy put into one thing - writing, being creative, expressing myself and, best of all, helping others.

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