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Basic InfoThis blog is contributory and is open to runningdads within the online community to submit entry to a monthly competition where one is chosen at random to win a prize. Open for entries since April 2018, there have been 45 individuals to-date who have contributed and the blog is updated on a regular basis with new entries on a week-fortnightly basis and the blogs are promoted within all social media profiles.
What Blog Means To YouHosting this blog has become a real passion; the interaction and engagement from followers across all social media profiles has evidenced a real sense of community and desire to not only learn from eachother but also to promote the efforts of dads that run in order to promote a sense of achievement and dedication to their children. The blog is an ideal way for dads to offer their own valuable insight into their running and lifestyle as fathers, connecting with others with others with mutual interests either with or without children. This blog represents much more than me; it is a celebration of the community, and this community deserves to be celebrated.

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