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NameRoots and toots
Basic InfoHi, I’m Leah. Born in Norfolk, with roots all over the world. Although I write about heritage/quirky travel (stays in treehouses, eco-homes or retreats), there's always a wellbeing twist throughout. I write about local produce, foraging, herbalism (herbs used for health) and I regularly write about alternative therapies: reiki, acupuncture, hypnotherapy. I'm also a lucid dreamer and I often blog about that - how dreams can be a powerful way to heal. During my time blogging I’ve been commissioned by various national publications. I write about medicinal food (herbalism) and wellbeing for other publications including: Eastern Daily Press, Sainsbury’s magazine, Red magazine and Female First and I am a regular contributor of The Lady. Examples under ‘Editorial’ section of my blog. I’m also published poet with an MA in Creative Writing and I’m writing my debut collection ‘Awake When Sleeping’ with the support of award-winning poet Sean O’Brien, which is all about sleep deprivation and using your dreams to heal. I don't usually go in for this sort of thing as I'm quite niche in many respects, so wouldn't ever expect to win, but was thrilled to see so many broad categories and openness. (Thanks guys for the opportunity!)
What Blog Means To YouIt's my way of sharing all the beneficial things I've discovered, often useful things that support health, happiness and boost wellbeing. And if anyone else finds this useful, well that's the most important thing to me, those DMs and comments from followers who have found my posts helpful. It's also a way of my articulating my world, a record for me and others. It's also a way of connecting with others and finding likeminded souls - a way to have an impact on society through a butterfly effect. And at least, a way to make new friends.

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