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NameReturn to wellness
Basic InfoI share health and wellness advice and coaching techniques to help people rebuild and renew their life after a serious health issue. For example, the person may have had cancer, a chronic illness, or had a serious injury like a spinal cord injury. Or the person may be a carer/supporter. My blogs focus on helping people to manage their health issue, reclaim their emotional health, relationships, meaning and purpose in their life, and hobbies/interests and returning to work.
What Blog Means To YouHaving had a serious neurological illness and living with the ongoing residual symptoms and then becoming a carer for my other half when he unexpectedly had a serious heart attack at a younger than expected age, I know what it's like to be in hospital and then in recovery wondering how you are going to deal with life and what kind of life you will have going forwards. It's a very scary time full of uncertainty. And in my experience having a rare neurological illness, there was very little support and information available. That made the adjustment process harder. People don't get a 'how to rebuild your life' manual after a life-changing diagnosis or injury. I want my blog to be that manual. So they can live well with and beyond their serious health issue, thrive and flourish. I'm not one to discount the very real issues people will face and the difficulties of living in a changed body. It's not about just being solely 'positive'. It's about being real, acknowledging the difficult feelings and emotions and helping people find a way through them rather than avoid them. I called my blog Return to Wellness from the viewpoint the person had a level of wellness prior to their serious health issue, it's about returning to that, yet also knowing their sense of wellness will feel and look different from before.

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