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NameRebekah Beatnik
Basic InfoAs an Aussie living in the UK, the tourist within me delights in exploring what locals might often overlook. This wide-eyed enthusiasm for every ruined castle, ancient forest, rustic pub or quaint museum compels me to share my adventures in my photography and writing. I hope to inspire Brits everywhere to go out and discover the histories and hidden treasures that exist in their own back yards.
What Blog Means To YouBlogging gives me an outlet to share the incredible places I explore. After I've visited a place, the action of sitting down and dwelling on the experience in order to blog about it encourages me to appreciate it so much more deeply. Blogging gives me a chance to consider what made the place special, remember what I learned and think about how to convey the experience to a reader - in a way that will entice them to visit the place for themselves.

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