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NamePumpkin Beth
Basic InfoI dedicate every spare moment I have to writing for I do all I can to help to inform, encourage, and inspire my readers. I share my gardening successes and failures, explaining what works well for me and what doesn't! I am keen supporter of plant conservation and I am passionate about environmental issues.I garden everywhere I can - both indoors and outdoors – I grow flowers, vegetables, fruit, and herbs. I look after a large number of orchid species, many of which are difficult to grow. I hold two National Collections of Orchids, I share every detail of my experiences of growing these fascinating plants! Readers can follow individual orchids, discovering how each of these plants are growing, they can see exactly how many days my plants flower for and see what these orchids look like when they’re not in flower. I explain every detail and share all of my trials and tribulations with my readers! I demonstrate how to set up terrariums, with clear step-by-step advice. I share my thoughts and considerations behind each of my designs.I work to make as helpful, encouraging, and inspiring a resource as possible, providing advice and information for indoor and outdoor gardeners of all levels, at every time of the year. Each year I carry out horticultural trials, I publish my trial reports in full, sharing my findings with my readers, providing detailed information about plants, peat-free compost, and other products. There’s further inspiration from my coverage of horticultural events and my interviews with garden designers and expert growers. Much of my writing covers environmental issues and promotes plant conservation.The posts on are long-form, packed with information and data, and illustrated with my own photography. also includes an additional 450+ ‘plant pages’ which I have written to form a comprehensive database of cultivation and horticultural information for the plants that feature throughout my writing. I have written gardening advice for every month of the year. I work to inspire readers of all ages and abilities.
What Blog Means To YouI dedicate every spare moment of my life to writing for, my work means everything to me. I am passionate about gardening, plants, nature and the environment, I want to inspire and encourage my readers to see the beauty around them and make the most of their indoor spaces, gardens, and allotments. I want to raise awareness of environmental issues and help to inspire and inform my readers about plants, enriching their lives in the process.

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