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NamePeppermint dolly
Basic InfoEstablished in 2014, Peppermint Dolly showcases day-to-day life and in a world where we seem to be hit with negativity at every turn, Peppermint Dolly is a relatable, fun, energetic space filled with positivity where readers come to get away from it all for just a little while, to be inspired by fashion, food (recipes and restaurants), travel, beauty and even some posts centering on well-being.
What Blog Means To YouBlogging is the one of the best creative outlets I've ever discovered and as an Actress by trade, that is big talk coming from me. For a very, very long time, nothing came within a country mile of giving me the kind of fulfillment that acting does, but Blogging has opened up a whole new level of creativity in me and for that I will always be grateful. Blogging allows my inner writer, photographer, director, editor, stylist and location scout come out to play alongside my regular default setting of performer and when all of these different sides of me get to shine in one place, well that makes for a truly wonderful experience and I have blogging to thank for that - very much indeed!

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