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Pack The Suitcases is a UK-based travel blog, specialising in European city breaks, Japan travel and sarcasm. I write humorous posts about about what I get up to on my travels and how I cram as much as possible into my annual leave. Some popular ones include 'How to pack a suitcase in 10 steps without crying or screaming' and '42 first impressions and weird things about America'.

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I've always loved writing but as a full-time copy editor, I spend my days working with other people's writing. The blog is my creative writing outlet, which means that I get to write for fun and pleasure and love working on it. It's obviously a hobby not my job, but has taken off over the last year and I'm starting to take it more seriously. I've had a few posts go viral, which has been very exciting, especially as it used to only be my mum who read it! I really like it when I get emails from readers saying that my tips helped them enjoy their holiday more - that's my main motivation for keeping it up when everything else in life is getting in the way of spending time on it!

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