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Basic InfoMy blog is about Lifestyle and Self-development. I write about different topics within these genres which have included in the past posts in regards to mental health and wellbeing , the importance of blood donation including my personal experiences as well as event, food and theatre reviews. I have created my blog with the aim of sharing all the things that I am passionate about, with the goal of bringing light and inspiration. I have a strong passion for humanitarian work and finding ways that I can help to improve the lives of others in the world. I hope to continue to do so through my blog site by writing encouraging engaging and informative posts .
What Blog Means To YouBlogging means a great deal to me. It allows me to express all things I'm passionate about as well share these passions with the world. It also allows me to connect with new people and help to inspire others which I love to do ! I seek to live a life of no limitless, in terms of her aspirations & goals. I also believe that great things are possible if you take the courage to leap towards the unknown. I love to encourage everyone that happens to be in my near vicinity to do so too as well through my blog so that all my readers feel encouraged and inspired to take steps towards their goals as well try something new whether it be anew restaurant or type of food ! My blog has allowed me to work with the NHS Blood Donation Media Team to help encourage more people to donate blood , which I love as it's amazing to know that by blogging about topics I'm able to have the opportunity to impact social positive change which is something that is important to me . Thanks for giving me the opportunity to enter Blog Awards UK . I look forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards, Onyeka -Michelle

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