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NameNorthern Bindi
Basic InfoIt is quite a shock that I actually started to blog or indeed write. As a mum of a child who is life limiting I needed an outlet to release my emotions, our journey as a family but also fill a niche for families like mine. After years of searching for somewhere to share my emotions I decided that I would write my own blog- if there was no one out there I could turn to then I would create my own community. I write about my sons’ illness and journey; hospital appointments and Children’s Hospice but also my girl; picking out outfits, picky eaters and starting high school. I Instagram using my the hashtag #schoolrunchat twice a week where I extend the blogs content to, my own ‘chat’ about various topics- this encourages engagement, sometimes it is just a rant! Many of my posts are written whilst at my sons bedside during the most painful and heart wrenching moments as have the Instagram Stories- these have allowed me to show the reality and diversity within the parenting community- it’s not all pretty pram and school run chic! The blog itself has grown to discuss cultural matter including arranged marriages, traditional cooking and lifestyle. The blog aims break and extend cross cultural barriers in both the Parenting & Lifestyle Blogging Community. The current success hassled to the writing of my first book, appearances on BBC Radio Stations including BBC Radio 5 live and BBC Asian Network, where my blog and Parenting journey were the focus.
What Blog Means To YouBlogging for me has been invaluable to my mental and physical well- being- if Imhonest that’s why I started to blog and engage in the Social Media community. Mental health is spoken about hugely in many forums and platforms, hence the desire to use this myself t share or journey as a working mum of a sick child, being a parent to two little girls and a wife..I needed an outlet. It seems that Blogging has become that outlet; my mental health and to some degree my social life have flourished (although getting out with three children is often hardwork!) I’ve made some amazing friends through the platform not only other bloggers but also other parents with shared experiences. This has been the most rewarding consequence from the blogging community; I’ve supported so many families that at times it’s overwhelming – I love it! So what does Blogging mean to me- it is an art form which allows me to be myself, share my experiences, and help others along the way. Blogging is an extension of me, my family and my culture which I can share with a like- minded community without feeling inferior or judged and it all stems from my dying son and his impact on m y life.

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