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Basic InfoThe details of my blog is a hard one to put together. The easiest way is to say that I’m a Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist. But if I were to go into more detail for you to really get to know you I’d say I teach women to ditch the binge/guilt/restrict cycle and manage pain. I do that with a concoction of ANF Therapy, life coaching, personal training (both online and in-person), brunch events and retreats.I work very much holistically and help women boost their health and wellness with a variety of methods.
What Blog Means To YouWhen I started blogging I honestly found it hard work. My first blog way back in 2010 fell into the stratosphere of nothing. I wanted to help more people but life got in the way as I moved countries to Kuwait. Whilst in Kuwait I was able to hone my message and really learn the best ways to help people. Having done a ton of education, experiments and coaching I've found my voice.So now, now blogging means not only to be able to put my message out there to help people. But also to truly connect with people, build relationships and create a community.When I first became a trainer 12 years ago I did so with a vision in mind. That vision was to help other women never go through what I went through with an eating disorder. Now as I've come to realise that 50% of diets lead to an eating disorder I clearly understand that the 'move more, eat less' idea of weight loss is only damaging.I love blogging because it allows me to shine light on that and halt negative behaviours of others in their tracks. When I see what I do making an impact, that 100% excites me and pushes me forwards.

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