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Basic InfoN64 Today is a blog for people who still enjoy playing and collecting Nintendo 64. My aim is to provide useful and enjoyable content for N64 veterans and newcomers alike.My reviews tell you whether an N64 game is still fun to play today. Just because a game was amazing in 1998 doesn’t mean it’s necessarily still fun to play now. This is especially useful for enthusiasts who didn’t play the N64 during the height of its popularity.I try my best to make N64 Today an entertaining and interactive experience for all. I’m particularly mindful of making my content as readable as possible, by writing in short and concise sentences and paragraphs.I use a modified N64 console to capture high-definition screenshots and GIFs. This makes the games look as magical as they did back in the late ‘90s, and adds a great dose of nostalgia. I also create quizzes for users to enjoy, and they can even share their results on social media.In 2018 to date, N64 Today has had over 68,000 visitors and over 110,000 page views. I optimise my content for search engines, and over 70% of the site’s traffic comes from organic search.The blog has built up a sizeable following on Twitter. In November 2017, one of my tweets went viral – quite a surreal experience! I’ve loved being able to discuss and share my blog content on social media, and chat with people from all over the world.
What Blog Means To YouFor me, blogging is about creating findable and useful content. I find it immensely rewarding when someone tells me that a post I wrote helped or entertained them.I’ve also found that it’s a great way of bringing people together. Through my blog’s activity on social media, I’ve had the privilege of interacting with some truly fantastic people. These are people I would’ve never had the chance to speak to otherwise. Not only that, but I’ve also witnessed them interact with one another through my content!Earlier this year I ran a charity livestream event, which I featured heavily across the blog and social media. As a result, I managed to raise over £750 for the charity SpecialEffect. It really highlights the power that blogging can have, and makes my favourite hobby feel like a worthwhile pursuit.

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