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NameMy boys club
Basic InfoMy Boys Club is a lifestyle, food and travel blog all about living with my family of boys in North East England and beyond. At the heart of My Boys Club are its values and aims to be AFFORDABLE, ACHIEVABLE and AUTHENTIC. Everything I write about is not too expensive, doesn't require specialist skills, and is real, we have or are about to experience it too or it's genuinely on our wish list! The blog is read by up to 5000 people per month, who predominantly are aged between 25 & 45, female and live in the UK. It also receives circa 10,000 page views per month.
What Blog Means To YouBlogging means sharing, finding your voice and supporting others. I love to blog as a way of sharing my experiences, whether that's food or travel related, with my readers; to have a digital footprint of my family preserved for the future; and to help brands and my own PR clients to connect with appropriate and new audiences.

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