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NameMy beautiful obsession
Basic InfoFeeling a need to express my creative side, blogging was the perfect fit! A place where I could talk all things beauty whilst using the skills I have gained from my career in marketing.The aim of this little space is to deliver to my readers, real, unbiased reviews of beauty products I have personally tired, the good, the bad and the ugly; along with beauty news, tips and tricks, and my views on some trends I see within the industry.M y blog is my hobby, my baby and a passion of mine.I write this blog with my readers in mind and will never compromise my content just to work with a brand.I also produce all of my own content and photography.Whilst my blog will always primarily focus on beauty, I have started to expand my content lately with some blogging, social and marketing tips, and to mix things up, a little bit of lifestyle content.I will never endorse or recommend a product that I have not fully tested or one that I do not truly believe in. Content only makes it to my blog if I feel the product is good enough to discuss with my readers.I also like to give love and appreciation to brands both big and small, meaning my blog is a mix of names you may or may not have heard of, with the aim of introducing you to some of the less commercial companies that make fantastic products.
What Blog Means To YouBlogging to me is a way to express my creative side and deliver real product reviews and tips to my readers, just as I would my friends. I think blogging should be personable which is why I keep my blog very lighthearted. I have had a passion for the industry since I was 14 (now 37) and the personal satisfaction blogging gives me by allowing me to share this with others is a real release of creativity for me. Blogging mostly, is a way to really connect with your readers.

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